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ESL Music is an ESL music enrichment program designed for students between ages 6 and 12. It is a companion program to MidiEnglish Primary, an English program for learners of English as a Second Language (ESL) at primary levels.

The program, conducted in English, immerses students in an English speaking environment where they develop general musicianship covering music theory, rhythmic skills, singing and ensemble playing skills through a fun and interactive approach.

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Introduction | ESL Music | MidiEnglish

Learn music in an English-speaking environment

ESL Music is conducted in English. The medium of instruction immerses students in an English language environment, where English language skills can be reinforced and put to practice.

Suitable for children with or without music background:
The program covers broad music education topics that include music concepts, rhythmic skills, singing and accompaniment skills, among others. These skills are useful in the development of every child’s general musicianship.

Structured and interactive learning approach:
As a companion music program for MidiEnglish Primary, ESL Music offers an extension to English learning with a progressive and structured approach. It consists of 6 levels plus a Starter level, similar to MidiEnglish Primary. Lessons are fun and interactive with multimedia activities designed to work on the interactive whiteboard.

Learn music in an English-speaking environment | ESL Music | MidiEnglish


Sing Along | ESL Music | MidiEnglish

Sing Along

Students sing-along with English songs customized for each unit. The songs illustrate music concepts such as rhythm, note values, solfege, articulation, etc., while providing an avenue for students to sing in English.

Concepts and Theory | ESL Music | MidiEnglish

Concepts and Theory

Students learn music concepts and theory with the support of multimedia lessons and activities using an interactive whiteboard. New concepts will be introduced in a progressive manner.

Percussion Play and Singing | ESL Music | MidiEnglish

Percussion Play and Singing

Students sing and play percussion instruments in an ensemble, developing a strong sense of rhythm and musicianship. With the songs in English, language learning is enhanced through music and singing. Keyboard ensemble playing is included as an option.

Music Appreciation | ESL Music | MidiEnglish

Music Appreciation

Learn about various music genres - Western Classical Music; Solo Instrumental Music; Orchestral Music; Chamber Music; Vocal Music; Pop Genres such as Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country and Western, Disco, Blues, Jazz, Rap and New Age.

Orchestral Instruments | ESL Music | MidiEnglish

Orchestral Instruments

Learn about the instruments used in an orchestra - String Instruments, Brass Instruments, Woodwind Instruments, Pitched Percussion Instruments and Unpitched Percussion Instruments.

World Instruments | ESL Music | MidiEnglish

World Instruments

Learn about musical instruments in these regions around the world - India, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Latin America, North and Central America, Africa, Europe, Australia and Pacific Islands.

Great Composers | ESL Music | MidiEnglish

Great Composers

Learn about the great composers of the baroque, classical, and romantic periods through stories, text and music - The Story of Bach; The Story of Mozart; The Story of Beethoven.

Composition Fun | ESL Music | MidiEnglish

Composition Fun

Experience music composition through creative activities such as fun picture composition, ternary form music arrangement, etc.


ESL Music comprises 6 levels. Each level is made up of 10 units.

Each unit is designed to be completed in 4 weekly lessons of 45-minute duration. Each level can be completed within a year (over 2 semesters).

At the end of each unit, there is always opportunity for a mini class concert. This is scheduled for the last lesson (i.e. 4th lesson) of each unit.

Levels | ESL Music | MidiEnglish

Simple Implementation | ESL Music | MidiEnglish

Simple Implementation

The simple lessons and multimedia support make it possible for this enrichment program to be taught by English teachers who have some basic music knowledge, but are not full-time music teachers.

The program comes in the form of a proprietary software. There are no worksheets or printed materials for students. For existing users of MidiEnglish Primary, the program can be activated using the same MidiEnglish Primary ID and password.

ESL Music is designed to share the same lab setup as MidiEnglish, with no additional investment. After the software is installed, it utilizes the same interactive whiteboard (or projector) for all lessons.

MidiEnglish Free Trial is applicable only to schools and language learning centers.